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The Beginning

Who am I? This is my blog, not yours, am I right? So shouldn’t I be asking the questions? Like, who are you? And why are you here? Get back to me on that, and then maybe we’ll talk about asking me questions.

This little blog is meant to be a small dose of my life, whether it be a picture I have taken, a quote or a word I may have heard, or a story that played out in my life. It will be updated intermittently (that whole “daily” thing is just a cute name, don’t be so damn literal), and whether I have one reader or one million, nothing is going to change. It will be what I want, how I want it.

There you have it, talk amongst yourselves.

I guess I should leave a real post though, right? I preview of what may come? Sounds good to me:

I was able to get this weekend off of work so that I could come home for my mom and sister’s birthdays (my mother’s is on the 14th and my sister’s is on the 20th). My girlfriend, Kate, and I came down from Seattle yesterday on the 7:30 Amtrak train destined for Portland. When we got arrived and unloaded ourselves from the train, I called my sister to find out their status on picking us up. Well, as luck may have it, they were stuck in beautiful gridlock in I-84 a few miles away. There were no updates from ODOT (shocking) and nothing on the radio, so they had no idea why there was so much traffic.

Well, this morning we found out why. A huge fucking sewer pipe rolled off of a flatbed truck and cracked the concrete railing of the Marquam Bridge, closing I-5 south for a total of six hours. Simply crazy stuff. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, just a few (empty) cars in the parking lot below and the 24-year old truck driver’s pride (and maybe his job security). And since we had no plans other than eventually getting back home to grab my dad and eat some dinner, everything was just peachy. But I must say, we need some better traffic engineers in this ol’ state (and I say ‘we’ loosely, according to my new driver’s license and my future tax returns I am now a Washington resident); as I’m sure we were not the only car on the road completely puzzled as to why Portland was in traffic hell for the day.


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