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Knock On Wood

Before I get started, let me say this: Let’s not jinx it.

Now that I have that out of the way…


I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be overly emphatic, but we (as in the University of Washington faithful) haven’t had much to celebrate at Husky Stadium these last few years. We all remember the drubbing down at UCLA (the last time we were ranked), and I’ll never forget that night in 2004 when Greg, Zane, and I were left staring at the field in disbelief after Casey Paus (yes, that Casey Paus) led us 58 yards in 39 seconds, converting an improbable 4th down around midfield, only to watch Charles Frederick catch a ball and get tackled on the 2 as time ran out, giving UCLA the 37-31 win.

This is why last night was so amazing. I wasn’t even at the game – due to ridiculous ticket prices (maybe once my diploma pays off and I’m making some real money, then I’ll get season tickets) and my work schedule – but I watched the second half on TV and was impressed over and over again. There were shades of the past few years here and there, but the new Dawgs busted through with a comeback from the seventh largest deficit (the second largest at Husky Stadium) in UW history. And they did it with hard work. From the huge sacks and aggressive defense to the pinpoint spread offense pass attack, everything was coming together like we only wish we could have seen the last three years.

Montlake was bursting with electricity last night, as Zane and his hoarse voice can attest. The team has improved, the fans are coming back (I predict it will be a bit harder to find single game tickets over the next few weeks), and Seattle finally has something to look forward to on Saturdays.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next week at Arizona; beating teams we’re supposed to beat will be the true test for the Huskies.


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