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Nothing Says MLS Like The Academy Is…

William Beckett of The Academy Is...As I write this, the MLS All Stars are ahead of the Celtic FC 2-0 in the 61st minute. And for those of you who missed it – okay, who am I kidding, nobody watches MLS – The Academy Is… played during halftime. I have two suggestions for these kids:

Maybe I shouldn’t judge. I have not yet heard a single note of their latest album (available from Fueled by Ramen), due to the fact that I have a hard time seeing a band as the same once the songwriting core changes. Sure, it works for plenty of bands out there, but it fails for just as many.

I’ll give them a pass this time; maybe they were just having an off night (although, as I said earlier, nobody can really have an “on” night when you’re singing without much backing in a stadium).


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