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Why You Should Buy Heroes

Heroes - Season 1 on DVDThe first season of Heroes came out on DVD a few weeks ago, and if you haven’t already picked it up, I suggest you go do that immediately. If you’re like me, you have already seen the entire season when it aired last year, but that makes it even more important to make the purchase

First off, the set comes in a deluxe fold-out box, unlike so many of the TV shows on DVD these days. I know a few people who actually like the new style of having each disc in its own case, but I’d rather have the whole set together. Save for using one of the DVDs as a frisbee, there’s no way to lose anything with the fold-outs, where as you can easily forget who you loaned disc 2 of some random show to a few weeks ago.

Next we have the fabulous extras. The box claims there are three hours of additional footage, but that doesn’t include all the commentaries. What it does include is the original pilot that was heavily edited and changed (including reshooting a few scenes), and also cut down from 73 to 52 minutes. It contains a lot more of Parkman (which is not necessarily a good thing…he’s one of the few glaring disappointments of the show), and gives the show a much darker feel throughout the episode.

But if you are to have one big reason for buying this set, it is the commentary on the unaired pilot. I don’t even like commentaries; with the exception of American Pie (where the directors and a few key stars are together in one room making jokes and having fun while giving background details), I have yet to find one worthwhile. Until now. The creator, Tim Kring, gives great details about what was changed, and how they originally shot the show before it was picked up for a full season. From all the tricks and details to the reasoning for the changes between the original and the aired pilot, he does a great job keeping you interested.

Now, maybe I’m just a Heroes fanboy (although I highly doubt it…I’ve never even dabbled with the NBC web site so I’m probably missing out on all kinds of extra goodness), but I haven’t watched a show this enthralling in years. After the first few episodes, it really hits its stride and keeps you firmly entrenched on your couch (until you have to change DVDs, of course), watching episode after episode.

I found it at Best Buy for $49.99, but last I checked it was $39.99 at Amazon (and probably just about any other big box store other than Best Buy…I’m just too lazy to go take it back and buy it somewhere else), so go pick it up today!


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  1. Word. Any additional newness I can get from that show is entertaining. Esp on your hd tv.

    Comment by Natalie | September 26, 2007 | Reply

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