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The Gestapo Strikes Again

Watch this and read the accompanying story.

Apparently, rent-a-cops think that asking too many questions at an open forum for Senator Kerry is worthy of “Disturbing the Peace”.

And yes, I realize they are not rent-a-cops. We have a University precinct here at UW containing full fledged police offers as well; but until you get a real post (read: not at a college) you are still a glorified security guard, and have the mindset of such.

UPDATE: Apparently the kid may not have had the most educational of interests when going to the podium. According to reports from CNN, the student was known for being a prankster, and was simply trying to gain attention.

Regardless, I think the officers stepped over the line in handling him. Not giving him a chance to walk out on his own, and using the ultimatum that if he did not stop moving he would be tased, are not how I would expect them to protect and serve.

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