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Sink Your Teeth Into This

Do you miss Africa? Wait, what? You’ve never been? Neither have I. But from Vampire Weekend (and of course, the classic Graceland by Paul Simon), I can imagine what it would be like. Well, at least if I was traveling with a bunch of Americans.

I digress. Vampire Weekend are a neat little band from New York City with a great sound that is both soothing and somewhat eerie at the same time. I suggest checking out their lone downloadable MP3, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and having a listen. There is more to find at their web site, as well as their MySpace.

And don’t forget to try and check them out this Saturday when they play the John In The Morning at Night show at the Croc.

UPDATE: For those of you with iTunes enabled links, you can download their KEXP Live Performances Podcast and not one, not two, but three different MP3s from the KEXP Song of the Day Podcast.  If those links don’t work for you, just search for those two Podcasts in iTunes and find them there.


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