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Dawg Fans: Meet Your Enemy

Bob SimmonsI don’t want to sound to over the top. There were many errors in that game last night. From the fact that Jake Locker looked like a deer in headlights all night (Hey, Jake, you won’t face a team as pathetic as Syracuse the rest of the season, get over it) to the growing problem that is our defensive line, it was quite the comedy of errors. But one thing that stood out to me, that has been a constant problem for the last three years, is how awful we are at special teams. Fumbling the football on a return last week was unacceptable, but the kickoff return we allowed this week (after we had scored, put ourselves within one score of tying, and taken all of the momentum away from UCLA) was atrocious.

This man, Mr. Bob Simmons, special teams coach here at UW, is at the root of the issue. Now, I’m not saying we need to run him out of town on a rail. He worked with Willingham at Notre Dame, so I assume he’ll work here at Washington until Tyrone has moved on. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give him a little fire under his seat so he can do a better job of preparing those kids. It should be noted that he is also the tight end coach, which is currently a thankless job due to our inability to use the tight ends (read this great article in the Seattle Times about the topic), so he’s clearly not a bad coach. He just needs to sit down, figure out why our kids look like a Pee-Wee team every time they go out for kicks, and fix it.

I don’t want you to leave, Bob. Our teams have had enough coaching movements the past five years, and it’s good to have something constant for once. Just do a better job and we’ll all be happier, fair enough?

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