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Just Blame Willingham

I do love me some Pat Forde:

Word has reached The Dash that Britney Spears’ lawyers will argue in her child-custody case that Brit’s reported mental crackup is attributable to poor recruiting by Ty Willingham.

The rest of the column is also worth a read, including some valid points about OK State’s coach Mike Gundy’s unfortunate outburst:

One of Gundy’s big complaints was negative treatment of a “kid” who is not being paid to play the game. But coaches never object to the tens of thousands of fans fawning over that kid, the tutors arranged to help him maintain minimum eligibility standards, the training table meals he eats, the tricked-up locker room he changes in — or the positive press most players receive most of the time. Hero worship is expected and encouraged; criticism is child abuse. It’s quite the double standard.

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