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More Football For You

Yeah, I know, I know, ‘Paul, shut up with the football already.” And I will, soon enough. But I wanted to share this article from the Seattle P.I. today (thanks for the link, Natalie) talking about UW’s special teams problems:

When kicking off and punting, the problem has started with junior transfer Jared Ballman, who handles both duties.

“I’ve been pretty inconsistent,” Ballman said. “On kickoffs, I’m not consistently hitting it in the right place.”

He said the Huskies work on punting for one period every day in practice and spend another period on field goals and kickoffs. He said that is plenty of time for him.

“It’s basically put on me on kickoffs. I need to work on that,” he said. “I don’t know actually (what’s wrong) about why I haven’t. I do it in practice, but when it comes to the game, I guess I just try too hard. It’s near the spot it’s supposed to be, but it’s not exactly.”

Um…what? You’re trying to tell me that because our kickoff man is hitting it to the wrong spot, the other 10 guys on the field turn dumb and completely forget how to cover the return? No, that’s a load of crap. I know that the spot the ball goes to does make a difference, but we’re making every return man look like DeSean Jackson. That’s pathetic. We know we have a bad kicker, so work with that. Don’t let him try to take the blame, that’s just wrong.

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