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Heineken Commercial: What?!?

Is anyone else completely puzzled by this commercial?

I mean, I’m all for beer, and Heineken isn’t bad, and having it out of a mini-keg is probably even better.  But where in this commercial do I ever think, ‘Man, I need to get me one of those draught kegs?”  Nowhere.  Fuckin’, nowhere.


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Aren’t You Jealous of Portland’s MAX?

More news from KATU:

A fight on a MAX train near the Lloyd Center led to a shooting.

The incident happened just after 8:15 p.m. Monday at Northeast 7th and Holladay.

When police arrived, they found shell casings but no victim.  About 20 minutes later, they located a 25-year-old man who had a gunshot wound to the leg.  He would not cooperate with officers and was taken to the hospital.

Police do not know if the man was an intended target or the victim of an accidental shooting.  Investigators with the Gang Enforcement Team were called out to investigate.

Several people were detained, but no arrests were made.  Police said they may have to wait until they can take a look at surveillance video from TriMet to sort out what happened.

Gotta love it!

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Yes, Yes It Is

Here’s an interesting article from KATU news in Portland:

Reynolds High School in Troutdale is a “dropout factory,” according to a Johns Hopkins University study commissioned by the Associated Press.

It sure is.  If you go on to read the article, it states that the term “dropout factory” is for schools where less than 60% of the students make it to senior year.  So, if I’m reading that correctly, that’s not even referring to the overall number of dropouts by the time their peers would be graduating.

Yes, Reynolds, your high school is a dropout factory.  But as I’ve been saying for years, it’s the parent’s fault.  The location is not ideal, as it is very close to low income housing just off the freeway.  It also doesn’t help that it’s the largest high school in the state of Oregon (at least last time I checked), and Oregon is notorious for underfunding its education.

I guess my point is, if you go to Reynolds, you still have a chance.  Stay in school, do your work, and either get your parents involved or ignore them when they don’t care.  Education is the most important thing we have, and pumping gas for a living isn’t exactly a dream scenario.

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Zaimee in Korea

I don’t know if you knew this, but Zane and Aimee are in Korea teaching English to a bunch of kids. They’re having a pretty decent time over there, but head over to their Flickr page to see the happenings. Looks like fun so far!

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More Red Sox

Even if you don’t like sports, you have to admit that this is a pretty cute story*:

For instance, before 2004, I never would have called my father for a “Who’s winning the MVP?” conversation before the final out. I never would have started recording the ninth inning on our bedroom TiVo just to give the World Series celebration “SAVE UNTIL I DELETE” status. I never would have pulled my daughter out of bed after the seventh so she could watch them win, even though she yelled, “No, I don’t like baseball!” every time we turned on a playoff game this month. Things are just different now. The 2007 Red Sox were really good, they will continue to be good, and that’s just the way it is. They weren’t going to blow Game 4.

I promised my daughter there would be a payoff at the end — that somebody on Colorado would make an out, that the Red Sox players would jump on each other and celebrate, that there would be dancing and hugging and everyone would be really happy. She understands absolutes (words like “happy” and “dancing” and “hugging”) and understood something special was about to happen, but she had never heard the word “celebrate” before.” She liked the way it sounded, so she kept saying it. Celebrate. Every time something happened in the last two innings — a strikeout, a groundball, whatever — she’d ask me why they didn’t celebrate and I had to keep telling her, “No, you’ll know when they’re celebrating, I’ll tell you when.”

Eventually, she started watching me to play off my reactions. When Jamey Carroll cranked that one-out, 0-2 fastball in the ninth, for a split-second, like every other Sox fan who had abandoned their anti-jinxing rituals, I thought I had screwed everything up and screamed, “Noooooooo!” before Ellsbury hauled in the catch and she asked me what happened.

“That guy almost screwed it up,” I told her

“Oh.” She thought about it for a second. “They’re not going to celebrate?”

“No, no, they’re about to celebrate,” I told her.

We moved to the edge of the bed. I was sitting down; she was standing between my knees and leaning against me. Paps uncorked a 2-2 fastball for the clinching strike (“Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!”), whipped his glove in the air and flipped out like he always does. If there’s an enduring image of this 2007 Red Sox team, it’s the sight of a wild-eyed Papelbon waving Varitek towards him for a postgame embrace — he always looks like some drunken Boston kid who just sucker-punched somebody in a bar and wants the fallen guy’s buddies to run over for a full-scale brawl. COME ON!!! LET’S DO THIS!!! Once Varitek jumped into his arms, the entire Boston team mobbed them within seconds, and everyone eventually settled on jumping up and down in a delirious circle. A few seconds passed before my daughter finally turned to me with a big smile on her face.

“They’re celebrating,” she told me happily.

*Note to ESPN: I’m not trying to cramp your style, just trying to share the story. If my blog ever becomes popular and you find this, just drop me a line and I’ll change it to a simple link. Good doing business with you!

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Toilet Rats

I was debating whether to share this story, but in the end I feel it is for the greater good. The word needs to get out so that when the other dozens of people in the city have to deal with this problem, they’ll be informed as to what to do.

On Saturday morning I awoke to the shocking site of a rat trying to climb out of my toilet. Now, as luck should have it, either due to the long swim or just being small (read: not New York City subway size), this was an impossible task, but that didn’t keep me from freaking the fuck out. (Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really “freak” out, but let’s just say I was greatly alarmed.)

What was the first thing I did? I got on Google, of course. I was lucky enough to come across this handy web site:

Rats live in sewers and can follow the food in pipes up to your toilet

  • Keep your kitchen sink rinsed clean and use garbage disposals as little as possible.
    • Rinse out your kitchen sink once or twice a month.
    • Use 1 cup of bleach (an alternative to using bleach, 1 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar) and rinse with boiling water.
  • Never throw grease down the drain.
  • Keep your toilet lid down when not in use.
  • If you find a rat in your toilet, flush it! (hint: squirt a little dishwashing liquid under the lid into the bowl, wait a couple of minutes then flush)

That’s right. Just flush it, and problem solved. Well, not quite. It took four flushes, with last time making use of the dishwashing liquid (I’ve heard that’s to poison the rat; I used it simply to make it hard for the little guy to climb anything), but eventually the job was done.

How might this happen, do you ask? Check this:

That’s how.  People have asked if it simply climbed up there from some other place in my apartment, but I don’t have any holes anywhere (trust me, I looked), nor any open cracks from doors or windows where it could have slipped through.  It was simply one of Seattle’s finest sewer rats trying to find a better place.

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The RIAA Should Take Notes

This is how you really deal with pirates (from CNN):

A U.S. destroyer has entered Somali territorial waters in pursuit of a Japanese-owned ship loaded with benzene that was hijacked by pirates over the weekend, military officials said Monday.

In May, a U.S. Navy advisory warned merchant ships to stay at least 200 miles off the Somali coast. But the U.S. Maritime Administration said pirates sometimes issue false distress calls to lure ships closer to shore.

The pirates are often armed with automatic rifles and shoulder-fired rockets, according to a recent warning from the agency.

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Go Sox!

This is one of the coolest pictures from the chaos last night.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 10

Well, just a jumble of the top 5 this week, but still the same five teams:

  1. LSU (7-1, BSOS Rank: #15)
  2. Boston College (8-0, BSOS Rank: #91)
  3. Arizona State (8-0, BSOS Rank: #93)
  4. Oregon (7-1, BSOS Rank: #21)
  5. Ohio State (9-0, BSOS Rank: #104)

And for the first time since I started doing these ratings, UW (BR: #99) has fallen below WSU (BR: #82). So sad…

The teams playing the toughest schedules:

  1. Notre Dame (1-7, BR: #107)
  2. Washington (2-6, BR: #99)
  3. Duke (1-7, BR: #108)
  4. Mississippi (2-7, BR: #103)
  5. Stanford (3-5, BR: #76)

And the teams playing the weakest schedules:

  1. Hawaii (8-0, BR: #46)
  2. Memphis (4-4, BR: #90)
  3. Western Kentucky (5-3, BR: #72)
  4. Florida Atlantic (4-4, BR: #80)
  5. Southern Miss (4-3, BR: #70)

The only other undefeated team I haven’t already mentioned is Kansas, who comes in at #6. I can’t wait until next week!

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I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Steve Kelly, in The Seattle Times:

It is one thing to surrender more than 600 yards to a very good Oregon team. But it is quite another to allow 535 total yards to Arizona, which has only one other win over a Division I school and whose coach, Mike Stoops, is sitting on a much hotter seat than Willingham.

I agree wholeheartedly. Losing to Oregon was obvious. Losing to Arizona (and losing the way we did) is an embarrassment.

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