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It’s Called Pen And Paper. Get Over Yourself.

Apparently some professors in Seattle have banned laptops in their classrooms.  Now, as a proponent of modern technology, you might think I disagree with this decision.  Entirely the opposite.  I applaud this decision.  There is no easier way to distract yourself than to have the entire Internet at your fingertips.

Yes, there will always be crossword puzzles and doodling for when you really are bored in a lecture.  We’ve all been there before.  But I come from this generation, and I never once took out my laptop in class.  Most classes lasted 50 minutes (some were 80 or 110), and if I actually (gasp!) wasn’t paying attention, I never felt like I was missing out by not having a computer screen in front of me.

But some students argue that it’s insulting for professors to ban laptops or any other device that’s not particularly disturbing to their peers. They say they are adults who pay thousands of dollars a year to attend college, and it’s their prerogative to answer e-mail in class if they want.

I wish the P.I. would give the names of students who felt that way so I could slap them in the face.  It doesn’t matter how much money you are paying, the classroom is the professor’s, and you have to follow their rules.  Don’t like it?  Take another class.  That is one decision you do have control over.  And let me be clear: it is never a student’s prerogative to answer emails in class.  That’s no different than talking on the phone or text message (which are also rude to do in class).  And you know what email is?  Electronic mail.  Would you write a handwritten letter, address the envelope, and leave class to mail it?  I didn’t think so.  Your bro’s evite to his mass rad kegger Friday night can wait another half hour.

Get over yourself!


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