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The RIAA Has Done It Again

Does anyone else get sick of the RIAA using bullshit tactics to sue people? And even worse than that, how can they bring in so called “experts” who know nothing about networking? Check this out:

The Charter IP address identified the night of the downloading was, according to testimony from Edgar and Weaver. Had a wireless router been used, the internal private IP address assigned by the router would also have been detected by investigators, [Iowa State University computer forensics specialist Doug Jacobson] claimed — likely beginning with 192.168.

Are you fucking kidding me? As anyone with any sort of experience with network knows (such as every person who has commented on that post so far), if you are using a router, the outside world has no idea what the actual IPs are of the computers on the network. The only thing they can see is your assigned IP ( If a router is present, and you have 20 computers on it, they still only see the one IP. They positively cannot see the individual computers (especially if they are using the basic tactic of downloading songs and recording the IPs of where they come from…that gives no extensive evidence).

Doug Jacobson should be fired, and also brought into contempt for knowingly lying to the court and the jury. This kind of shit disgusts me.

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