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I Have My Car Back

Are auto mechanics the biggest ripoff in the world, or are they just another business out to screw you in a world full of such businesses?  I only ask, because somehow a $25 radiator hose turned into a $298.06 final charge.  Yes, I understand “labor” and a ridiculous surcharge for such labor.  But a 1178% increase?  Good lord…

Okay, soapbox moment over.  Anyway, this is a lame post for today (and if we’re all lucky I’ll find something better before I hit the hay), but I wanted you all to share in the joy and pain I’m currently feeling.  My sick car is now somewhat healthier, and is back home in my parking space.  The radiator hose sort of blew up on me and Kate the other day, so I had to have AAA tow it the ol’ shop.

Well I got a call yesterday that it would cost $1400 to “get it back on the road”.  A quick call to my father quelled that myth, and I called back to have them just replace the radiator hose and give it back to me.  Oh, how I pine for the good ol’ days of just handing the car to my dad whenever I had a problem.  It was much cheaper, if I do say so myself.


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