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Well, I’m Kinda Close to the BCS

But not quite there. Which is good; I’ll take it!

The BCS has come out today, with the top 5 teams comprised of the following:

  1. Ohio State
  2. South Florida
  3. Boston College
  4. LSU
  5. Oklahoma

And again, my top 5:

  1. South Florida
  2. LSU
  3. Arizona State
  4. Kentucky
  5. Oregon

They don’t really agree on much.  But after some number crunching, my rankings are an average of 4 spots different than the BCS.  I want that lower, but it’s not bad.  As I’ve said all along, the point of my rankings are to figure out if computers can actually determine the top 2 teams at the end of the year.  The more data there is, the more accurate the rankings will be.  It could still be completely wrong, but it’s too early to tell.  We’ll find out at the end of the year.


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Belmore Rankings: Week 8

The sky has fallen, my formula has officially failed me (or has it?).  Rankings for week 8 (I’m putting them up now even though the BSU game hasn’t been played):

  1. South Florida (6-0, BSOS Rank: #61)
  2. LSU (6-1, BSOS Rank: #11)
  3. Arizona State (7-0, BSOS Rank: #97)
  4. Kentucky (6-1, BSOS Rank: #37)
  5. Oregon (5-1, BSOS Rank: #29)

I know, I know.  That doesn’t look too great.  Later today I’ll look at the BCS rankings and see how far off I am (I don’t want to emulate the BCS, but it is a good barometer to go by).  I’m sorry, USF fans, they are not the number one team in the country.  Maybe next week I’ll have some kinks worked out.

Now, for all the Dawg fans out there, don’t feel too bad.  Yes, we played poorly last night, but look at the toughest schedules:

  1. Washington (2-4, BR: #82)
  2. Notre Dame (1-6, BR: #105)
  3. Stanford (2-4, BR: #85)
  4. Duke (1-6, BR: #107)
  5. North Carolina (2-5, BR: #91)

Yup, that’s right.  Through seven weeks, UW has the toughest schedule in the nation.  We should still be better than 2-4, but at least we can take solace in the fact that the cards are stacked against us.

And the weakest schedules:

  1. Hawaii (7-0, BR: #55)
  2. Memphis (2-4, BR: #102)
  3. Arkansas State (3-3, BR: #86)
  4. Northern Illinois (1-6, BR: #116)
  5. Texas Tech (6-1, BR: #36)

I’m sorry, people, Hawaii is not playing in a BCS game this year.   They are not the Boise State of last year.  They are a dominate team in a bad conference who hasn’t played anyone.  Their opponents have a combined record of 8-25 (not including the TWO FCS teams they have played).  If you want to be taken seriously, try playing against someone who matters.  Beating up on a bunch of bad teams does not make you a good one.

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