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Bionic Woman: Pilot (Review)

I just finished watching the pilot of Bionic Woman (NBC, Wednesdays at 9), and I’ll go ahead and say it; I was impressed. Now, maybe my bar was set pretty low (I mean, Bionic Woman? A remake of the show from the 70’s? How good could I expect it to be?), but I still think it’s a worthwhile show. Long story short, I’ll be adding it to my TV viewing this season.

I do, however, have a few problems. Some of these may be cleared up as the show goes on, but some will not. So without further ado, here is what I disliked about the otherwise well-executed show (some of these might contain spoilers, so read at your own risk):

  • Bionic Woman ScreenshotBourne Supremacy-style fight scenes: When will this end? There’s no point showing the fight if I have no idea what is actually going on. A wild camera-shaking event with arms and legs connecting with stomachs and faces with no context only hinders the experience. They may as well just show the first punch, then go to commercial, then come back with one person standing over the other. The viewer wouldn’t be left with any less information from the fight.
  • Subpar logical connections: Suspension of disbelief is obviously required for this show. But even so, there are some things that make absolutely no sense. Jaime gets in a huge fight with the “original” bionic woman, then hangs out in the pouring rain to have a disjointed conversation with Jonas (the head of the program)? Not to mention that she takes off without even finding out if Will is okay, which was the point of the conversation.
  • Crappy family situations: Look, I’m not saying life is perfect. I’m not even asking for a perfect family. But when will the “my parents took off so I’m taking care of my little sister and we don’t get along because neither one of us knows how to communicate” background stop being so prevalent? I’m pretty sure we’ve seen it enough. At the very least quit making the younger sibling so rebellious and resentful that the older sibling is the “parent”. I know just as many siblings who get along as those that don’t. Can’t we have some balance?
  • Stupid uses of makeup: Come on. Jaime wakes up on a hospital bed with lipstick, blush, and eyeliner all perfectly applied? We’re not morons. Make her look like she just woke up in a hospital bed. Is that too much to ask?

Aside from those, the show does very well with what it gives the viewer. You can watch old episodes on (but not on the iTunes Store because Universal/NBC has a stick up their collective asses) to catch up, which I highly suggest.


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  1. I agree on the points of the fighting close ups. Basically, this is a cheat that a bad director or editor would use to create faster pacing for action. If you look at On Her Majesty’s Service, the James Bond film with George Lanzenby the director used to be an editor. What I hated were the actions scenes cuts was choppy that it was hard to follow the action. However, once the action was over we get the wider longer shots of Bond. Or, I’m not sure if you watch the Food Network but there are certain shows were the camera is so in the food that the cooking process can not be followed.

    Comment by monster7of9 | October 19, 2007 | Reply

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