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Pogue Asks The Tough Questions

David Pogue (of the New York Times) just blogged about a slew of technology questions that he doesn’t have answers to.  My favorites:

  • Why is Wi-Fi free at cheap hotels, but $14 a night at expensive ones?
  • What’s the real reason you have to turn off your laptop for takeoff?
  • Who are the morons who respond to junk-mail offers, thereby keeping spammers in business?
  • Laptops, cameras and cellphones have improved by a thousand percent in the last ten years. Why not their batteries?

You can check the rest out here.

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  1. That was a good read. Don’t you just love it when you realize that you’re not the only person to think these things? Maybe we need to start a petition to have some of these questions answered.

    (It’s hard for me to think he’s really that smart when he asks the Mac Virus question. If I was doing ANYTHING and I thought I could reach 94% compared to 6%, I would go straight for the 94% and not even think about the 6%. That’s an easy one.)

    Comment by kyledickinson | October 18, 2007 | Reply

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