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Yes, Yes It Is

Here’s an interesting article from KATU news in Portland:

Reynolds High School in Troutdale is a “dropout factory,” according to a Johns Hopkins University study commissioned by the Associated Press.

It sure is.  If you go on to read the article, it states that the term “dropout factory” is for schools where less than 60% of the students make it to senior year.  So, if I’m reading that correctly, that’s not even referring to the overall number of dropouts by the time their peers would be graduating.

Yes, Reynolds, your high school is a dropout factory.  But as I’ve been saying for years, it’s the parent’s fault.  The location is not ideal, as it is very close to low income housing just off the freeway.  It also doesn’t help that it’s the largest high school in the state of Oregon (at least last time I checked), and Oregon is notorious for underfunding its education.

I guess my point is, if you go to Reynolds, you still have a chance.  Stay in school, do your work, and either get your parents involved or ignore them when they don’t care.  Education is the most important thing we have, and pumping gas for a living isn’t exactly a dream scenario.

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  1. Well I think that the teenagers who dropout of school making the wrong thing cause they will regret it in the future.I think who ever wants to dropout is being dumm cause you won’t graduate from high school and you won’t get your diploma and you will regret it that you didn’t go to colledge and you will be at home instead of going to college and getting a good job an you won’t know what to do with your life if you dropout. So i really think that the parents should talk with their kids about droping out of school don’t? You cause if I dropout of school I won’t know what to do with my life and what career I want to do so if your thinking about droping out.You should first think about it cause you might regret it after.

    Comment by america garcia | August 21, 2008 | Reply

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