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PS2 in HD? Yes!

This post is going to be for the minority of you out there who own both a Playstation 2 and an HDTV (Colin? I’m talking to you). Did you know that they made component cables for the PS2 so that you could hook it up to a high definition TV set? Well, they did! And you can find them right here! They aren’t made anymore, so and eBay are the best places to find them (and I can only vouch for the actual Sony cables, not Monster or any other company’s versions).

Why is this so amazing? Well, first of all, if you have one of the later model PS2’s, they have the capability to upscale DVDs to 480p, making the need for a nice DVD player moot. Plus, they give your games the capability of taking full advantage of having the 16:9 screen on your HDTV. Some games (such as every game in the Grand Theft Auto series, Gran Turismo 3, and NCAA Football ’08) are prepared for this, and look great. Others won’t necesarily upscale or use the full screen (I’m not positive on that, as I don’t have a large enough collection of games to have any that don’t do 16:9), but they still will look much better than through normal RCA connectors.

One thing to note is that you have to first go in to your system settings on the PS2 while you are still hooked up with RCA and change all the settings. Otherwise you’ll be hooked up by component inputs and the PS2 won’t be sending anything over those cables and you’ll be left with a blank screen.

For more information, check out Wikipedia: PS2 Hardware Revisons, List of HD Enhanced PS2 Games, Sony’s page on the Component AV Cable.


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Minnie’s Is Gone!

From Seattlest:

Cafe Minnie’s is no more. Belltown’s greasiest greasy spoon, and only 24-hour joint at that, was finally done in, not by crappy food and crappy service but by the ban on indoor smoking. That’s the owner’s story, and he’s sticking to it.

I used to go to Cafe Minnie’s every weekend for some delicious blueberry pancakes when I worked in Belltown (although I can’t argue that the service was horrible).  I haven’t been there in over a year, but I kind of figured it was the type of place that could never go under.  I thought wrong.

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Camel Suxors

I usually hate The Stranger and everything they write (especially when it comes to music), but this was interesting:

If Camel wanted to really support the music community without advertising to young people, they wouldn’t be putting on shows with bands that are known for their draws with minors. They could just as easily be supporting alt-country shows at the Tractor, or maybe some jazz at the Triple Door. Or even bands that are young and hip but don’t really appeal to minors, like Silversun Pickups or the Black Angels. Camel is trying to slip under the radar and advertise to young people by associative branding.

Oh, and Ari Spool’s level of douche-bagary is far below that of everyone else that writes there.  So I guess that probably had something to do with it.

And yes, I know that reading a bunch of stuff (I read Line Out daily) I know I hate is kind of masochistic, but that’s not why I do it.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

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Dr. J. Robert Cade, Inventor of Gatorade, Dies at 80

Dr. J. Robert Cade, who invented (along with other researchers) what is now known as Gatorade at the University of Florida in 1965, has passed away from kidney failure at the age of 80.  I have always found the history of Gatorade fascinating (although maybe it’s just those great commercials with Keith Jackson):

Cade said he thought the use of Gatorade would be limited to sports teams and never dreamed it would be purchased by regular consumers.

“I never thought about the commercial market,” he said. “The financial success of this stuff really surprised us.”

Cade, who was the University of Florida’s first kidney researcher, also said he was proud that Gatorade was based on research into what the body loses in exercise.

“The other sports drinks were created by marketing companies,” he said.

Since its introduction, Cade said the formula changed very little. An artificial sweetener has replaced sugar.

Instead of the original four flavors, there are now more than 30 available in the United States and more than 50 flavors available internationally.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 14

LSU goes down!  Kansas goes down!  Who’s number 1?  Here’s what I think:

  1. West Virginia (10-1, BSOS Rank: #52)
  2. Ohio State (11-1, BSOS Rank: #81)
  3. Missouri (11-1, BSOS Rank: #90)
  4. LSU (10-2, BSOS Rank: #32)
  5. Georgia (10-2, BSOS Rank: #46)

Not your typical poll, but then again there is the whole thing of how my poll has absolutely no weight in subjectivity.  So suck it up.  I’ll post the entire top 25 after championship week.

The toughest schedules so far:

  1. Nebraska (5-7, BR: #72)
  2. Notre Dame (3-9, BR: #101)
  3. Washington (4-8, BR: #89)
  4. Duke (1-11, BR: #116)
  5. Mississippi (3-9, BR: #102)

And the weakest:

  1. Hawaii (11-0, BR: #20)
  2. Western Kentucky (7-5, BR: #75)
  3. Boise State (10-2, BR: #27)
  4. Kansas (11-1, BR: #14)
  5. Memphis (7-5, BR: #64)

It is still my opinion that Hawaii has not proven anything and should not play in a BCS bowl.  Then again, I would have the top 8 teams at the end of the year be in a playoff, but that’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks.

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A Hammer Should Do The Trick

Well, in relation to my last post, I give you the before and after pictures of fixing the dent. Luckily, not much real damage happened. Just some bent aluminum and a louder DVD drive (but it still works!). I was worried that I’d have to replace the whole chassis, battery, and/or DVD drive, but luckily none of that will need to be done.


And after:

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My Laptop Fell

It’s my own fault.  It has a large dent in the corner of the base where the battery is.  The battery doesn’t really fit anymore.  More pictures and information to come.

And yes, it still works just fine.  But it’s a bit less pretty.

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The Digital Home: Amazon Kindle: Flop

Don Reisinger just manhandled the Amazon Kindle, and rightly so. All four of his points are correct, but this one (from point 3) is my favorite:

[A]re e-books that much better than books? I certainly don’t think so. I don’t know about you, but I can only read one book at a time and carrying a stack of paper is just as easy as carrying a 10 ounce device. Would it be nice to download books without going to the store? I guess. But if I buy my books from Amazon, I don’t need to leave home anyway.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 13

We’re closing in on the end of the college football season.  Pretty crazy season, no?  Here are my top 5:

  1. LSU (10-1, BSOS Rank: #30)
  2. Ohio State (11-1, BSOS Rank: #77)
  3. West Virginia (9-1, BSOS Rank: #65)
  4. Arizona State (9-1, BSOS Rank: #71)
  5. Missouri (10-1, BSOS Rank: #87)

Kansas will jump back up there (assuming they win) after they play Missouri.  Their schedule is really weak at this point.

Here are the 5 toughest schedules so far:

  1. Nebraska (5-6, BR: #61)
  2. Washington (4-7, BR: #83)
  3. Duke (1-10, BR: #114)
  4. Notre Dame (2-9, BR: #107)
  5. Mississippi (3-8, BR: #99)

And the 5 weakest schedules so far:

  1. Hawaii (10-0, BR: #24)
  2. Western Kentucky (7-4, BR: #71)
  3. Boise State (10-1, BR: #18)
  4. Navy (7-4, BR: #58)
  5. Kansas (11-0, BR: #7)

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No Wonder We Don’t Have A Monorail

From the Seattle P.I. article entitled Audit finds ways for DOT to save $4.5 million a year:

The audit recommends a new, agencywide system it said could save up to $2.4 million annually.

It said the agency’s review of payments to contractors is “inconsistent” and recommends centralizing that system to save up to $1.4 million a year.

The audit cited the department’s lack of expertise and said it inconsistently processes information changes in its personnel offices. Standardizing practices and centralizing functions could save more than $552,000 annually, according to the audit.

It called the agency’s cash-receipt processing “inefficient” and inconsistent. The audit recommended using a bank lock-box for payments to the agency statewide and said that could save nearly $127,000 a year.

So, basically, the people in charge of our DOT are a bunch of incompetent fools who waste money on the most mundane things?  My title is “Data Entry Specialist”.  They’re wasting money on the most basic of jobs.  Maybe they should bring me in to save them some money.  I mean, seriously.  We do accounting at my office, and it’s not hard at all.  And in no way (even on a smaller scale) do we waste anywhere close to a comparable amount of money.

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