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What has been happening on Maui…

  • It poured rain all day yesterday.  But at least we weren’t on Oahu.
  • Hawaii has a ordinance against public smoking just like Washington, although there are way more signs.  Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  I’m all for banning it indoors, but rarely in Hawaii do you find a restaurant or place to hang out that isn’t open air.  Even the airport is open air.  I’d like to see a study that says open breezes fail to dissipate cigarette smoke leading to high rates of cancer in Hawaiian residents.
  • All TV shows are on an hour earlier here.  Kind of nice, however, since the sun comes up everyday at 6 in the morning, so you don’t have to stay up quite so late to watch your favorite show (and it also gets dark at 6 pm, so it’s not like I’m avoiding the sun by watching TV).
  • There’s not much nightlife here.  We had to hunt all over downtown Lahaina (on a Friday night no less) to find a restaurant (B.J.’s pizza of all things was closing).  Sure, there were two nightclubs, but that’s not exactly family dining.
  • The last time I was here, sports were tape delayed.  Now, they’re live.  This can be good and bad, although it is nice to not have to get on the Internet to find out about scores. Plus, all those east coast games are on at a reasonable time here.  I was watching some SEC game (the teams escape me) Saturday night, and realized it must have been 11 or 12 at night where they were playing.  Here?  6 pm, with the 4th quarter to go ;-)
  • One last sports note; it sucks for the Hawaii sports teams.  The flight to the mainland isn’t horrible, but to have to do it multiple times in a short span (such as their football team’s five road games this season) has to drain on the players. Although, on the reverse side of it, it must be a nice little vacation for the visiting teams.
  • Some beer is expensive ($15.99 for a 12-pack of Blue Moon).  Some alcohol is cheap (Only $17.95 for Captain Morgan’s Private Stock).  It is the most expensive in bars (one place we went had a Maui Brewing Company beer for $6.50…and they don’t serve full pints).  I guess the moral of this story is that you should at least be thankful for the fact that they import a lot of stuff, so your favorite drink is probably going to be here. (Psst, Kate, Yellow Tail is only $4.99).

Okay, I think that’s enough observations for today.  I’ll have more before I head home on Friday.  Mahalo!

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