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Belmore Rankings: Week 12

Down goes Ohio State! Now that there are only two unbeaten teams left, who will really end up in the national title game? Like I said, Kansas has a chance to jump up with the last few teams on their schedule, although it wouldn’t surprise me to see the rankings (the BCS ones, not mine) stay pretty stagnant if someone at the top doesn’t lose. Even with help in the computers, I don’t think real voters will help out them too much unless they dominate whoever they will face in the Big XII title game (I hope I didn’t just jinx them…).

The top 5 according to my formula:

  1. LSU (9-1, BSOS Ranking: #11)
  2. Oregon (8-1, BSOS Ranking: #10)
  3. Arizona State (9-1, BSOS Ranking: #59)
  4. Kansas (10-0, BSOS Ranking: #112)
  5. Ohio State (10-1, BSOS Ranking: #86)

As I’m too lame to remember to keep historical rankings, I have no idea what Kansas’ strength of schedule was last week. I have a feeling a lot of the teams on their schedule lost this week. And yes, I’m also too lame to look that up. What, you think a blog needs a fact checker? Pah!

The toughest schedules in the country:

  1. Duke (1-9, BR: #112)
  2. Notre Dame (1-9, BR: #113)
  3. Washington (3-7, BR: #93)
  4. Nebraska (5-6, BR: #63)
  5. Utah State (0-10, BR: #120)

Husky fans, I think I know how all of us are feeling right now. But as you can see, we’ve had a very hard year, so we should keep our thoughts (and prayers, if that’s your thing) with Jake right now. (Have no idea what I’m talking about? Go here.)

The weakest schedules:

  1. Hawaii (9-0, BR: #29)
  2. Western Kentucky (6-4, BR: #74)
  3. Florida Atlantic (5-4, BR: #73)
  4. Navy (6-4, BR: #66)
  5. Nevada (5-4, BR: #72)

I have decided to post my full Top 25 after the regular season, and again after championship week. I might post it again after bowl season, but those games hardly matter (including the BCS championship game) in my opinion due to their large level of separation from the rest of the season.


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