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Drew Carey Investing in Seattle MLS Expansion Team

Fuck yeah!  From ESPN:

In August, Carey injured his arm on the set of “The Price Is Right.” Instead of going to the hospital, he went to lunch with [majority owner and Hollywood producer Joe] Roth about the possibility of getting involved with the ownership group.

Carey pitched the idea of having a fan membership — similar to FC Barcelona — where fans have a say in the direction of the franchise, including voting for the general manager every four years.

When Roth agreed to the idea, Carey signed on financially.

“We’re going to let the fans control who the general manager is and whether he is hired for a four-year period,” Carey said. “Adrian is going to be the general manager, and he’s one of the owners, but four years from now … they might vote him out.”

This is pretty awesome news.  Nobody was truly happier during Beckham’s debut a few months ago in Los Angeles than Drew Carey.  Its good to know that someone who is actually a soccer fan (not like…you know…*ahem*…some other major players…*cough*…Paul Allen) is invested in the future of the team.


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