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A Drop In The Bucket

Stephon Marbury was fined $195,000 by the Knicks for missing last night’s game (from ESPN):

The Knicks sent the guard a letter informing him of the fine, according to a person with knowledge of the penalty who spoke to The Associated Press. He requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss it.

Marbury lost approximately $195,000 — at least $174,503 (1/110th of his salary) and $20,000 in a team fine, sources told’s Chris Sheridan. According to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, players are docked 1/110th of their salaries for a missed game.

So $195,000 is only 1/110th of his salary? He’s making $19,195,330 this year?  Really?  He gives them 18.3 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game.  That’s worth $20 million?  The minimum is $1,219,590.  He’s making a $17.8 million premium for being an average point guard.  That’s ridiculous.

I knew Isaiah Thomas was a bad GM, but I didn’t realize it was this bad.  That whole organization should be fired.  Heck, bring them to Seattle next year.  There’s no way Paul Allen would screw things up that bad.


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