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I Should Root For The Wildcats, But…

For those sports fans out there, I invite you to view the #2 Oregon Ducks taking on the unranked Arizona Wildcats tonight at Arizona Stadium at 6 pm PST on ESPN. That wily Dennis Dixon (otherwise known as the soon to be 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner) is the spark to the Ducks, who look to put up a two touchdown win on the (soon to be coachless) Wildcats.

Now, in a normal season, I’d be rooting for anyone but the Ducks (and the Cougars, but when was the last time that was necessary?), but when your conference has a chance to play for the national title, you root for that team. Even if the team is your most hated enemy.

So tune in and cheer on, and maybe (just maybe), with the help of a Kansas or LSU loss (for those that don’t know, if all three of those teams win out, the strength of schedule will push Oregon to #3), the Pac-10 will again be playing in the BCS title game.

(And for you non-sports fans out there, I’ll get back to posting non-sports related news soon enough. It’s been a busy work week, and I know I’ve been slacking!)


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