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No Wonder We Don’t Have A Monorail

From the Seattle P.I. article entitled Audit finds ways for DOT to save $4.5 million a year:

The audit recommends a new, agencywide system it said could save up to $2.4 million annually.

It said the agency’s review of payments to contractors is “inconsistent” and recommends centralizing that system to save up to $1.4 million a year.

The audit cited the department’s lack of expertise and said it inconsistently processes information changes in its personnel offices. Standardizing practices and centralizing functions could save more than $552,000 annually, according to the audit.

It called the agency’s cash-receipt processing “inefficient” and inconsistent. The audit recommended using a bank lock-box for payments to the agency statewide and said that could save nearly $127,000 a year.

So, basically, the people in charge of our DOT are a bunch of incompetent fools who waste money on the most mundane things?  My title is “Data Entry Specialist”.  They’re wasting money on the most basic of jobs.  Maybe they should bring me in to save them some money.  I mean, seriously.  We do accounting at my office, and it’s not hard at all.  And in no way (even on a smaller scale) do we waste anywhere close to a comparable amount of money.


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