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PS2 in HD? Yes!

This post is going to be for the minority of you out there who own both a Playstation 2 and an HDTV (Colin? I’m talking to you). Did you know that they made component cables for the PS2 so that you could hook it up to a high definition TV set? Well, they did! And you can find them right here! They aren’t made anymore, so and eBay are the best places to find them (and I can only vouch for the actual Sony cables, not Monster or any other company’s versions).

Why is this so amazing? Well, first of all, if you have one of the later model PS2’s, they have the capability to upscale DVDs to 480p, making the need for a nice DVD player moot. Plus, they give your games the capability of taking full advantage of having the 16:9 screen on your HDTV. Some games (such as every game in the Grand Theft Auto series, Gran Turismo 3, and NCAA Football ’08) are prepared for this, and look great. Others won’t necesarily upscale or use the full screen (I’m not positive on that, as I don’t have a large enough collection of games to have any that don’t do 16:9), but they still will look much better than through normal RCA connectors.

One thing to note is that you have to first go in to your system settings on the PS2 while you are still hooked up with RCA and change all the settings. Otherwise you’ll be hooked up by component inputs and the PS2 won’t be sending anything over those cables and you’ll be left with a blank screen.

For more information, check out Wikipedia: PS2 Hardware Revisons, List of HD Enhanced PS2 Games, Sony’s page on the Component AV Cable.


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