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Zwickel on Superbad’s Soundtrack

Jonathan Zwickel of The Stranger brings up a great point about everybody’s favorite vulgar flick of 2007, Superbad, in Line Out (emphasis his):

Aside from the lead actors, the other huge highlight of Superbad—the part I can’t believe isn’t being talked about more, the part that is not the name “McLovin”—is the soundtrack. Apatow brought on composer Lyle Workman to put together funk-fueled original material to match classic tracks by the Bar-Kays, the Ohio Players, Rick James, Curtis Mayfield, and more. Workman then looked to funk forebear Bootsy Collins, who played bass for James Brown before becoming a star member of Parliament-Funkadelic in the ’70s. Collins recruited original JBs drummers Jab’o Starks and Clyde Stubblefield, guitarist Catfish Collins, and P-Funk/Talking Heads keyboard genius Bernie Worrell.

He’s so right. You never think twice about the music during the movie because a) you’re too caught up in the hijinks on screen, and b) it fits perfectly and you’re never caught thinking “why did that song just play?”

I highly recommend everyone pick this movie up, and why not get the soundtrack as well.


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  1. i disagree.
    i thought about the soundtrack from the very beginning…the whole dance sequence throws you right into the mood for the movie – funky and delicious.

    so, maybe the real issue is that you weren’t paying close enough attention….or don’t really consider what is happening beyond what the actors bring to the screen.

    Comment by kt | January 8, 2008 | Reply

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