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Great Pauls Think Alike

IMG_8843 - Property of Tim Malabuyo; used per Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 GenericWhile I don’t agree with every single one of his points, I think overall Paul Thurrott hits the nail on the head about the MacBook Air:

It’s too expensive. No surprise there: Apple technology is generally quite expensive at launch. The SSD version of the MacBook Air, however, is particularly expensive: It starts at over $3000. Yikes.

There’s no Ethernet. The MacBook Air comes with no built-in Ethernet port, which is just astonishing given how unsafe even secure wireless networks are today. While you can purchase a USB-based Ethernet adapter for $29, that adapter will then occupying the one and only USB port on the device.

It’s thin to no good end. While there are already a number of ultra-portable machines in the MacBook Air’s weight class (3 pounds), most of them exceed Apple’s device in ways that are meaningful. They have Ethernet ports, for example. More than one USB port. A docking station for a hardware “slice” that adds more battery and an optical drive. And so on. With the MacBook Air, less really is less, and in this case at least, Apple’s (Jobs’) penchant for tiny, elegant hardware is getting in the way of functionality in a way that makes the product inherently less useful to users. This device swings way too far into “form over function” territory.

These are the big reasons (in addition to no FireWire) keeping me from even considering purchasing it. You may remember that I dropped my PowerBook 12″ a few months ago (and as of Monday, the DVD drive finally died), so I’m looking for a replacement. Well, the MacBook Air will not be it.

(I must add that that the one problem I don’t have with the MacBook Air is the lack of a user-replacable battery. Sure, this will cause an annoyance to some, but iPods and iPhones don’t have them either. Plus, like those, the MacBook Air can be taken in to any Apple Store and have a replacement battery installed for a flat fee – equal to what an extra battery would cost.)

Sorry, Apple. Better luck next time.


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