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Daily Topics!

Alright, faithful readers (all 5 of you), I’ve decided to narrow down the scope of this blog and have each day represent a specific topic to talk about.  I’m open to any and all suggestions (although, keep them broad; as in “Books” rather than “The Collected Works of Charles Dickens”).  This is to not only make it easier to blog (as I’ll have a more defined path for each day), it will also make it more interesting for the reader (so you know that at least once a week I’m blogging about Topic X that you are a fan of).  So here are the few ideas I’ve thought of; please leave any others you may have in the comments!

  • Movies/Television (this could be two separate days as well)
  • Sports
  • Tech Topics
  • Seattle
  • Music
  • News/Politics
  • Books (this might be more of a monthly topic, as I don’t read as much as my high school English teacher probably wishes I did)

January 17, 2008 - Posted by | Movies, Music, Musings, News, Politics, Sports, Technology, Television | ,


  1. I love the tech blogs. I find them the most interesting, actually.

    Oh, and a blog where you tell me how to find a cheap 13-inch Macbook. That would be much appreciated…

    Comment by Kyle | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. I want “sports” (but only the ones I care about) and “movies/television” the most.

    Comment by Natalie | January 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. i would like more on music. i need some new stuff in my life and i feel that music snobs like you are good people to go to for it.

    Comment by Erin | January 18, 2008 | Reply

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