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Comcast 1, Belmore 1

Yes, you read that right, I’ve tied it up with good ol’ Comcast. How, you might ask? Well, simple.

Comcast makes you think that for every TV you have hooked up to cable, you need some sort of digital box to decode the signal and output it to your TV. This isn’t entirely true. Yes, you need the box should you want to use HD, DVR, and/or On Demand. However, if you simply want to watch basic cable, you can scratch the box and just hook the cable up to your TV. I was tipped off to this last week when I called in to report an outage to technical support, and they asked if I was getting a signal by hooking up the cable straight to the TV instead of through the cable box. Little did they know this tipped me off to the fact that a cable box isn’t always necessary.

What do you get with this method? Approximately the first 60-70 channels (up through Bravo in the Seattle area), all in as clear of a picture as you would be getting with the cable box (one caveat: if you have an HDTV you should not do this; however, if you’re like me and just have an extra standard definition TV in your bedroom, this works to perfection). It may not be every channel, but you also save the few bucks per month they charge to rent the cable box.

Now I can watch TV while I’m falling asleep and not have to mess with an antenna, nor am I paying Comcast any more money. Sure, I had to shell out $15 for the splitters and extra cables (from the ever-fabulous, but in the end I think I deserve the point to even up the score.

Until next time, Comcast.


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