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John Roderick Has A Blog

John Roderick may be a dick, but he has a way with words (mostly lyrics, but also prose).  He’s now doing a weekly blog for the Seattle Weekly, which you can find here.  Here’s a snippet of my favorite part:

In any case, this next Long Winters album is going to have a lot of lunar-eclipse-influenced disco jams on it, and the Seattle Weekly asked me to blog about it because they are running out of ideas and hoping to squeeze some free content out of people. I, for one, don’t mind because I’m mad about blogging! I was thinking the other day that, what with the incredible shortage of books and magazines in the world, I’d like to dedicate more of my precious reading hours to consuming the unedited journaling of as many amateur diarists as time permits! Hooray!

It may be ironic or hypocritical to say I loved that bit, but the fact is I completely agree with his sentiment.  In general, blogs are run and written by non-experts who have no journalism background and just want attention and to have people listen to them.  Yes, the lines are being blurred more and more often (I don’t knock the Weekly, for instance, for having it’s normal writers also blog from day to day), but the fact remains that most of what people want to say is not worth reading.  I have this blog for myself, and for anyone who wants to read it, but I don’t need the validation of 100 strangers coming here everyday like most bloggers do.

Go read a book.  Go do your homework.  Go try to make the world a better place in whatever way you know how.  If you have time to stop by here (or any other blog you like) and see what’s happening, great.  But don’t get any sort of miscommunication that what I (or any other blogger) say is more important than what you might say.  We’re all in the same boat, just pontificating to the world.  That, and linking to awesome videos of cats playing the piano:

And on a related note, I didn’t hate bloggers so much until Gizmodo pulled their prank at CES.  Since then I’ve adblocked their entire site, and have avoided all Gawker Media publications.  Morons.


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