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Bill Raftery > Billy Packer

Raftery > Packer

I’m sitting here eating a frozen pizza and drinking some Smithwick’s, watching the NCAA Tournament. As I’m able to switch between games (big ups to KIRO for putting two to three different games on their three channels), I’m struck with an obvious thought: Bill Raftery is awesome to listen to, and Billy Packer should be taken out back and shot like the old worthless mule he is (maybe by these women).

I don’t mean to reference the brutal art of farmland retirement to get the animal lovers up in arms, I simply mean that Billy Packer SUCKS at announcing. He does two things: he states the obvious (you should attack someone with two fouls early in the first half? I had no idea!!!), or he berates players for no reason (yo, Billy Willy, these are college kids, not 10 year NBA veterans. They’re going to make mistakes, and a good-hearted individual will not condemn them for one or two in the biggest game of their lives thus far).

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I know this sports-related post will only be happily read by a few, but I just wanted you to know my feelings.


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