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Music: The Saturday Knights Record Release Party

I’ll admit, this is pretty shameless self-promotion.  But that aside…

The Saturday Knights (MCs Tilson and Barfly with DJ Suspence) are coming out with a full-length album on that fashionable label I help out at, Light In The Attic.  It’s called Mingle, and it is fucking incredible.  I’m not just saying that because I’m connected, I really think it’s a fabulous album (and yes, I have a copy, and no, you can’t have it).  It comes out June 24th, and to coincide with it, they’ll be playing the Nectar on June 27th with The Budos Band (who also fucking rule) for their CD Release Party.  I’ll be there, and I suggest any and all of you in the Seattle area to join me.  The details are below, and scroll down for a few MP3s.


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Music: Marlena Shaw – California Soul

For those of you unaware, there’s a new Dockers commercial out, featuring beautiful views of San Francisco and (mostly white) people enjoying themselves.  The commercial also features a great song I had never heard before, which is actually a few decades old but still kicks your ass like yesterday’s news.  That song is California Soul, sung to perfection by Marlena Shaw.  Not surprisingly, Shaw was part of the incredible roster held by Chess Records in the late 60’s.

I highly highly recommend you go check it out, and if you don’t believe me then just check out the commercial and see for yourself:

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Maurice Cheeks: All Class

While watching the Pistons @ 76ers playoff game, I remembered what Maurice Cheeks brings to the table as a coach: class.  He’s a stand-up guy, and even if he never wins a championship, I’ll still think he’s a great coach for an NBA team.  He did the best he could in Portland with some extremely volatile groups of players, and I wish him the best in Philadelphia.  Here’s an example of his grace:

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