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Read Chuck Klosterman. Now.

I will start this post off with a quote from Chuck Klosterman’s book Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story:

Death rides a pale horse, but I shall ride a silver Ford Taurus. It’s currently parked outside my apartment. The moment I turn the key, I decide to rechristen this vehicle the “Ford Tauntaun,” just in case I drive into an August blizzard and I need to stuff a freezing Luke Skywalker into the cozy engine block.

After reading that, is there any reason not to love Chuck Klosterman?  I’m only 30 pages into this book, and I am already at that stage where I can’t put it down unless it is pried from my hands by the jaws of life.  Now, you may not enjoy his writing (some favorite quotes of reviews on Amazon: “Narcissistic, yes, plus insulting!” and “Too self-involved”), but that is the point.  He writes about the goings-on of his life, whether it be visiting locations where rock stars met their deaths (as he does in this book) or the fact that he unashamedly loves heavy metal (as he does in Fargo Rock City).  He never apologizes, and he never expects you to care.  But the amazing thing is that you most likely will care, and will want to keep reading until there are no pages left to turn.  So head on over to your bookstore, library, or online megamart (a.k.a. Amazon) and check him out.  I think you’ll be glad you did.


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