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Throwback: Cake – “You Part The Waters”

This just came up in iTunes: Cake – “You Part The Waters“.  Get it, turn your stereo up, and rock out to the sweet sounds of Cake, circa 1993.

And no, John, I don’t even play piano.


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Music: 1998 Sounds Great

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Cake came out with their fabulous album Prolonging The Magic?  Neither can I.  Sheep Go To Heaven – which hit #16 on the modern rock chart in 2001 – came up on shuffle today while I was driving home, and I sang every word of it.  I love this band, and I love this song.

And good news for fans: according to Wikipedia, new albums are in the works:

The band has announced that two new albums are in the works: Live at the Crystal Palace, the band’s first live album; and a new studio album, originally due in fall 2008, but later announced to be early 2009 at the band’s Earthfest 2008 performance. John McCrea describes the studio album’s sound as “very different” from previous Cake records, also indicating that he will be playing piano much more than usual. Both will be released on Upbeat Records.

Awesome!  Just a little music post to brighten your Thursday.  Now, check out the video, and be amazed:

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