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Belmore Rankings: Week 14

Boo, Oklahoma, boo. I completely agree with what Tony Kornheiser just said on MNF, that the Big 12 should not be letting voters decide who should be in their title game.  The BCS should not be involved in any sort of tiebreaker in any conference. Any subjectivity should be left out when determining who is at the top of a conference, and the Big 12 just gave itself a giant black eye. And you know what? Obectively or subjectively, Texas is better than Oklahoma.  They beat them on a neutral field. Oklahoma beat Texas Tech at home, while Texas lost by six points on the road. The Big 12 title game, as well as the BCS in general, has just become an even bigger laughing stock than it had been in previous years. My top 10:

  1. Texas (11-1)
  2. Alabama (12-0)
  3. Oklahoma (11-1)
  4. Boise State (12-0)
  5. Florida (11-1)
  6. Utah (12-0)
  7. USC (10-1)
  8. Texas Tech (11-1)
  9. Ball State (11-0)
  10. Penn State (11-1)

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Belmore Rankings: Week 13

Texas Tech has lost, and order has been restored.  You may be asking why Texas is number one, and that’s simply because they have played the second toughest schedule in the country (behind Utah State who has lost most of their games). Losing one game by six points to a fellow top 10 team is pretty forgivable.  Here is the entire top 10:

  1. Texas (10-1)
  2. Alabama (11-0)
  3. Utah (12-0)
  4. Oklahoma (10-1)
  5. Florida (10-1)
  6. Boise State (11-0)
  7. Texas Tech (10-1)
  8. USC (9-1)
  9. Penn State (11-1)
  10. Georgia (9-2)

I am very curious to see how the next few weeks play out; there isn’t a lot of room for error anymore.  The only thing I would change about this season to date (other than every UW game) is to have Penn State still be undefeated.  It would have been nice to give ol’ Joe Pa a shot at the title.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 11

Ready for a shocker?  I have Texas Tech at #4 and Texas at #1:

  1. Texas (9-1)
  2. Alabama (10-0)
  3. Florida (8-1)
  4. Texas Tech (10-0)
  5. Utah (10-0)
  6. Boise State (9-0)
  7. USC (8-1)
  8. Oklahoma (9-1)
  9. Georgia (8-2)
  10. Ohio State (8-2)

The reason I didn’t post my rankings last week is that Texas Tech was #5, with Texas still at #1.  Credit Texas with the ridiculous schedule to this point (or credit the Big 12, but you get my point).  Assuming both teams win out, I don’t see Texas Tech getting higher than Texas due to the schedules disparity (Tech played some cupcakes to start the season that are really hurting them in my system).  But the chances of them both winning out are not very high, and hopefully the playing field will help decide this snafu.

What I’m more interested in (due to having a week to digest the Texas/Texas Tech problem) is that two non-BCS teams are in the top 10.  In theory, they should both win out, keeping them high in the rankings.  *cough* Playoff! *cough*

Here are the top 6 conferences:

  1. Big 12
  2. Big East
  3. SEC
  4. Big Ten
  5. Mountain West
  6. ACC

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Belmore Rankings: Week 9

Boise State and Penn State are climbing:

  1. Texas (8-0)
  2. Alabama (8-0)
  3. Boise State (7-0)
  4. Georgia (7-1)
  5. USC (6-1)
  6. Oklahoma (7-1)
  7. Florida (6-1)
  8. Oklahoma State (7-1)
  9. Penn State (9-0)
  10. Utah (8-0)

And I don’t care that Penn State is so low.  They have played a weak schedule so far, and while I don’t actually think Boise State is worthy of a #3 position, I don’t think Penn State is either.  That win over Oregon State sure looks good when you do a head to head comparison of PSU and USC, however.

It does appear that based on my rankings, if Texas and Alabama win out and their schedule doesn’t suddenly take a nosedive by the end of the season, they’ll be the top two.  I have no problem with that, as they have both looked mighty impressive so far.  This Texas-Oklahoma State game this weekend should be a good one, and will definitely solidify Texas’ position should they win.

Here are the top six conferences, same as last week:

  1. Big 12
  2. SEC
  3. Big Ten
  4. Big East
  5. ACC
  6. Mountain West

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Belmore Rankings: Week 8

Things are starting to get interesting in the ol’ world of college football.  More teams are beating up on each other, and the picture of who the true top teams are is becoming clearer and clearer.  Behold, my top 10:

  1. Texas (7-0)
  2. Alabama (7-0)
  3. Oklahoma (6-1)
  4. Georgia (6-1)
  5. Oklahoma State (7-0)
  6. Ohio State (7-1)
  7. Boise State (6-0)
  8. USC (5-1)
  9. Florida (5-1)
  10. Utah (8-0)

Before everyone jumps all over the low USC ranking, remember: USC beat Ohio State.  That is considered a good loss for OSU.  USC lost to Oregon State.  That is a very bad loss (and the Beavers beating up on my Huskies, currently ranked #119, doesn’t make it look any better).  If USC is truly the better team (take out the first half of the Oregon State game, and they’ve played the best football in the nation, period), it will reflect in the ratings as the season goes on.  We’re just over halfway; there is still a lot of football to be played.

Now, when it comes to the top conferences, the Pac-10 is looking more and more pathetic.  They have lost ground from last week when I said they were slowly catching back up.  If Washington can beat Notre Dame, that will definitely help, but let’s not hold our breath:

  1. Big 12
  2. SEC
  3. Big Ten
  4. Big East
  5. ACC
  6. Mountain West

I’m only going to show the top 6 conferences from now on, as there are six BCS conferences, so that’s all that matters.  Oops, did I just say the Mountain West is more deserving of a BCS birth than the Pac-10?  I just might have.  Not like it matters, as I still think USC will make it’s way into the title game.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 7

Vanderbilt lost to a bad team, Oklahoma lost to a good one, and Florida beat a good one, leaving us with this:

  1. Alabama
  2. Texas
  3. Oklahoma State
  4. Michigan State
  5. Boise State
  6. Wake Forest
  7. USC
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Florida
  10. Ohio State

The anomaly seem to be Michigan State and Wake Forest, but I have no qualms.  The whole methodology of my formula is taking care of business against other teams who are taking care of business, which they are both doing.  But, one loss can certainly have its toll, as Vanderbilt dropped from #2 to #18 in one week.  We shall see as the season goes on.  However, SEC vs. Big 12 seems about right, since they’re the two top conferences:

  1. Big 12
  2. SEC
  3. Big Ten
  4. ACC
  5. Big East
  6. Mountain West
  7. Pacific-10
  8. WAC
  9. Independent
  10. Mid-American
  11. Conference USA
  12. Sun Belt

The Pac-10 is slowly creeping up on the Mountain West, and we can only cross our fingers that the top 6 conferences are indeed the BCS conferences by the end of the year.  Otherwise, well, it will show how worthless the BCS really is.  Without a playoff, it is as good of a tool as we’re going to get, but that certainly does not mean it is better than a playoff.  It is, in fact, much worse.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 6

Not a lot of shake up in the rankings this week, but I’m just fine with that (note: I’ve jumped on the Vanderbilt bandwagon and have abandoned my poor Huskies – currently tied for last – at least for this season).  Here are the top 10:

  1. Alabama
  2. Vanderbilt
  3. Missouri
  4. Texas
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Boise State
  7. Ball State
  8. Michigan State
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. Utah

The Big 12 really benefited this weekend, and is now the top conference, according to my ratings.  The top 3 conferences are way ahead of the rest of the nation, but the Pac-10 did jump ahead of the WAC (but is still behind the Mountain West, which is pathetic):

  1. Big 12
  2. SEC
  3. Big Ten
  4. Big East
  5. ACC
  6. Mountain West
  7. Independent
  8. Pacific-10
  9. WAC
  10. Mid-American
  11. Conference USA
  12. Sun Belt

As always, it is very early in the season, so nothing much can be learned from these.  It is interesting to see there is a lot of objective data to back up the pundits who are ripping into the Pac-10.  Outside of Cal, USC, and Oregon (in that order), there is nothing to talk about.  And trust me, after a few more weeks that will dwindle down to just USC.

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Belmore Rankings: Week 5!

University of Alabama LogoThat’s right, they’re back!  The famous Belmore Rankings (who correctly called the BCS top 2 last year based on my own proprietary formula, without any subjective analysis of the teams) are here and calculated through the fifth week of the season.  Without further ado, here is my top 10:

  1. Alabama
  2. Vanderbilt
  3. Boise State
  4. Utah
  5. Texas
  6. Northwestern
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Nebraska
  9. Ball State
  10. Virginia Tech

Southeastern Conference LogoI’m not going to go into details, as it’s too early in the season (and even as a brother of a Vanderbilt alum, even I think that’s too high of a ranking), but there they are.  And for those keeping score at home, Washington currently has the second toughest schedule to date.  And last but not least, here are the ranking of conferences:

  1. SEC
  2. Big Ten
  3. Big 12
  4. ACC
  5. Big East
  6. Mountain West
  7. WAC
  8. Independent
  9. Pacific-10
  10. Mid-American
  11. Conference USA
  12. Sun Belt

That’s right, the four independent teams have collectively done better than the Pac-10.  If you want my opinion, that makes this bad UW season hurt that much more.

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The Link Rundown

I’m worthless.  As John Cho would say, I am not worthwhile.  I claimed to be bringing the blog back, then let it sit dormant for weeks on end.  But have no fear!  I bring you a mass quantity of links (some of them old) for your viewing pleasure; enjoy!

A.V. Club Interview with Rainn Wilson
Who doesn’t love Rainn Wilson?  This interview has some good background information, although a lot of it is about The Rocker, which we all know flopped miserably.  Still worth it for gems such as this regarding Juno: ” Sexual tension… I think Ellen Page is hott, double-t hott. All that sexual tension will probably be on the 25th-anniversary DVD as the torrid erotic scenes between Rollo and Juno. I think they bathe in a bathtub of Sunny D and get it on.”

Better Late Than Never: Watchmen
With the greatest graphic novel of all time coming to the big screen next year, there has been a lot of hoopla surrounding the release (including Fox suing Warner Bros. over rights issues).  This article tells you why the story is so incredible, and why everyone should read it.

Former SuperSonics owner dropping Bennett lawsuit
I just wanted to make sure you saw what a slimy hack Howard Schulz is (at least in the sports world…I’m not necessarily judging his coffee or business ethics).  He tries to save face by suing Clay Bennett after he realizes the city of Seattle hates the fact that he sold it a businessman from a city desparetely in want of an NBA team, and then slips it out late on a Friday that he’s dropping the lawsuit.  For shame, Howard.

Heart to McCain campaign: stop using “Barracuda”
Nothing makes me happier than a great rock band telling an old fart to screw off.  And a local great rock band at that!

Yes, it was a terrible call Husky nation
Ted Miller gets all the points right, including the fact that the call isn’t what made us lose the game.  The referees should be suspended, but so should our pathetic defense and inept offense.  I still support Tyrone Willingham, but I won’t object if he’s gone after this season because we don’t go to a bowl game.

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be back soon with more great ramblings and links!

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Good Riddance

Kent Baer has been fired (from the Seattle Times):

Washington defensive coordinator Kent Baer has been fired, according to a source.

The source said Baer was told of the news this morning.

There was no word on whether any other defensive coaches will also be let go.

A UW spokesman did not confirm Baer’s dismissal, and said no announcement is planned at this time.

Baer has worked for UW coach Tyrone Willingham for 13 seasons, first at Stanford, then Notre Dame and since 2005 as the Huskies’ defensive coordinator.

Baer is the longest-tenured of Willingham’s assistants, having been with him since Willingham was named coach at Stanford in 1995. He has been the coordinator of Willingham’s defenses since 1995.

Baer came under increasing fire this season as UW ranked last in the Pac-10, giving up a school-record 446.4 yards per game.

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