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Belmore Rankings: Week 5

After yesterday’s games I have decided to fully unveil the Belmore Rankings. I’m still not sold on my formulas (there’s something afoot when there are so many undefeated teams are not in the top 25 while my (admittedly disappointing) Washington Huskies rank #22), but I’ll let it go another two weeks or so and tweak it from there if I need to. Here are my top 5 teams (BSOS stands for Belmore Strength of Schedule):

  1. LSU (4-0, BSOS Rank: #36)
  2. USC (3-0, BSOS Rank: #45)
  3. Oregon (4-0, BSOS Rank: #58)
  4. Nebraska (3-1, BSOS Rank: #34)
  5. Florida State (2-1, BSOS Rank: 31)

My big problem there is Florida State. They had a bye last week, so they didn’t have a chance to lose (my rankings may be objective based on a formula I’ve created, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be subjective when judging teams), and two of the three teams they have played won (with the other having a bye), so without doing anything they moved up a lot. I’m not too hot on Oregon or Nebraska either, but like I said, we’ll give it a few weeks to see if things even out more.

This is just a theory of mine to see if computers can really decide who is the best undefeated (or one- or two-loss, depending on the outcome of the season) team in college football. I’m not a big fan of the BCS, but I do like numbers and computations to find an “objective” top team. The reason I did full rankings is that after putting in all of the data for the top teams, I had to rank every team anyway, so I thought I’d share.

For those that are curious, here are the teams playing the toughest schedules (along with their BR, a.k.a. Belmore Ranking)

  1. Louisiana-Monroe (0-3, BR Rank: tied for #111)
  2. Tennessee (2-2, BR Rank: tied for #7)
  3. Arkansas (1-2, BR Rank: tied for #44)
  4. Mississippi (1-2, BR Rank: tied for #69)
  5. Florida International (0-4, BR Rank: tied for #111)

And the weakest schedules:

  1. Kansas (4-0, BR Rank: tied for #100)
  2. Penn State (3-1, BR Rank: tied for #92)
  3. Florida Atlantic (3-1, BR Rank: tied for #92)
  4. Baylor (3-1, BR Rank: tied for #92)
  5. Purdue (4-0, BR Rank: tied for #69)

Not a whole lot of good games next weekend, aside from California @ Oregon, so we’ll see if anything shakes up.

And don’t worry, I’ll have quite the post about UW later today.


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Belmore Rankings: Preview

On Sunday I will unveil my own patented college football ranking system. I’m ironing out some kinks, but it’s looking pretty good so far. The main problem is that there isn’t enough data (i.e. games being played) to go off of, so for now it’s pretty ridiculous.

This is a big reason I think the polls shouldn’t come out until a month into the season; before then, you really have no idea what teams will play like (just look at Michigan and UCLA).

So look for the rankings to come out after week 4. But for all of those that can’t wait, after three weeks, I have Michigan State and USC tied as being the top teams in the land (see? just not enough information after three weeks), and with my system we’re looking at Louisiana-Monroe and Western Michigan having played the toughest schedules to date (each has played three currently undefeated teams).

Stay tuned for next week!

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